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Although 1 in 4 Americans have some form of mental illness, mental health literacy continues to be poor among the general public. This problem contributes to individuals being ill equip to provide the appropriate supportive assistance to loved ones who may be dealing with some form of mental illness. As a result, too many cases of mental illness remain undiagnosed and untreated. Unfortunately, the result is usually homelessness, a life of crime, resulting in incarceration and even death by both homicide and suicide.
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Mental Health Training Solutions is dedicated to bringing awareness of the impact of mental illness on our communities.  Because of significant budget cuts to mental health over the past 2 decades, prisons have become the new mental health institutions.  According to studies by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, over half of all prison inmates have mental illness. Although many inmates are charged with such crimes as burglary, arson, rape, homicide and drugs, researchers and advocates believe that many of these could have been prevented by proactively treating those with mental illness at onset of the conditions. Thus, it is the goal of Mental Health Training Solutions to create a culture of people who are proactive in addressing the mental health needs of their children and loved ones in an effort to reduce the likelihood of individuals facing incarceration or death by suicide. 
Mission Statement 
Mental Health Training Solutions is a premier provider of mental and behavioral health awareness and training. Our primary goal is to educate individuals on the effects of both diagnosed and undiagnosed mental illness, in an effort to reduce the negative outcomes which mental illness has on both society, and our personal lives.

To dispel negative myths and stigmas about mental illness that prevents individuals from seeking the necessary help which can ultimately save their lives, or the lives of their loved ones.

Core Values 
We believe that by providing knowledge and understanding about mental illness we will be able to promote a society which seeks to find healing through various resources and coping techniques, to reduce the negative effects of unaddressed mental illness.  

We believe in empowering parents to seek information for themselves to better understand how to manage unruly children.

We believe that individuals can reduce the likelihood of self destructing or spending a life of crime, incarceration and even homelessness by seeking help early.

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"Because mental health is as important as physical health."
Training for: Corporate Professionals - Educators - Healthcare Professionals - Faith Based Communities - Concerned Parents  - General Community
According to NAMI (National Association of mental Illness) 90% of those who die by suicide have mental illness.